About Zone

Zone is the customer experience agency inside Cognizant. We generate value for businesses by creating transformative customer experiences.

Our values

We are inclusive

We value diverse opinions, backgrounds and ways of thinking.

The quality of our work and the power of our team comes from being inclusive and diverse. We take a multi-disciplinary, collaborative approach to solving problems. It’s only by embracing different viewpoints that we can make work that truly matters.

We are kind

We value empathy over ego.

As teammates, we look out for and champion each other. As individuals, we show kindness to ourselves through a healthy work/life balance. As a company, we’ve built a culture where people feel safe and secure, and where their opinion matters.


We do what we say

We value action.

We deliver what we promise, which earns trust with clients and colleagues. We can work at speed because we all feel empowered to make decisions and take the lead – and we accept responsibility for both our successes and failures equally.

We say what we believe

We value honest words, delivered with respect.

We are open with each other, our clients and partners. We listen first and believe in candour. We’re not afraid to call things out or have difficult conversations – and we do it in an approachable way.

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